Best KiTTY Alternatives for SSH Clients in 2022

Nowadays all people want to work on the computer and they want to connect several networks at a time and also connect the system from one place to another place. For connecting to several networks we just have to open the
SSH Key.

For that to open SSH we have to use KiTTY or KiTTY alternatives. So KiTTY is an open-source terminal emulator, forked from PuTTY, that adds many extra elements to the original software.

KiTTY Alternative

So this article will help you to find the best alternatives for Kitty. Keep reading this article upto the end.

What Is KiTTY

KiTTY is a division of PuTTY. That means that the source code of PuTTY was copied and changed some time ago to develop this particular utility. Since that copy was taken, the actual program has been revised and updated.

KiTTY is only available for Windows and it is free to use. Although the interface only operates on Windows, you can log into remote devices that run Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac Operating System.

For the below section I will provide you the 5 kitty alternatives for SSH Client in 2022.

5 Kitty Alternatives for SSH Client

The quality of network software has really grown over the past few years and currently, there are some really good free terminal emulators available that are a lot better than KiTTY. We show you the best KiTTY alternatives for SSH clients.

1. PuTTY

A  free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console, and network file transfer application, It contains a unique graphical user interface is called as
PuTTY Key.

It helps several network protocols, including SCP, SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw socket connection.

The tool even includes a file transfer facility, which can be made secure by adding in SCP and SFTP. The original software was written for Microsoft Windows, but now some versions run on Linux and Unix.

PuTTY provides some special advantages, especially when working remotely. It is easier to configure and is better stable.

It is also more persistent in comparison to others, as a remote session can be restarted as soon the connection is restored after an interruption.


Features of PuTTY

  • Can control the type of encryption protocol using an SSH connection.
  • Asset public key authentication.
  • Help for local serial port connections.
  • Command-line SCP and SFTP clients, called "pscp" and "psftp" respectively.
  • Output Logging


  • Supports SSH and Telnet protocols
  • Easy Interface
  • Free Download
  • The executable program is highly portable


  • It has no cons

2. SolarWinds- Solar-PuTTY

SolarWinds is one of the world’s greatest network software providers. The company excels at making infrastructure monitoring tools. The company conveyed to the top of the market by supplying very high-quality tools.

Solar PuTTY

You would desire to pay top dollar for this status of software. Yet, sometimes, the user community gets lucky and SolarWinds decides to terminate a very useful tool for free. This is the point with the Solar-PuTTY utility.

This secure terminal program runs on a Windows environment and combines the security of SSH. As with the actual PuTTY, you can use this tool to log in remotely to a computer.

Features of Solar Putty

  • Secure terminal emulator
  • Telenet included
  • SCP secure file copy SFTP
  • secure file transfer
  • Multiple simultaneous sessions


  • Completely free
  • Integrates with SCP and SFTP giving it better functionality than KiTTY
  • Presents secure credential storage for quick repeat access
  • Can automatically reconnect if the connection is interrupted


  • Like KiTTY, this tool is designed for technical professionals and needs basic networking knowledge before use.

3. ZOC

The ZOC software is free to use and, although it can’t run on Linux, it can connect to computers running that operating system.


The system contains a powerful scripting language that can support you in automating processes such as information gathering on remote systems.

The terminal emulator can be set to operate the xterm, VT220, Wyse, QNX, TN3270, or TN5250 standards. The interface permits numerous sessions to be open simultaneously. Protection for connections is supplied by SSH.

Unprotected reference methods, such as rlogin are even available for personal networks. ZOC offers a wide range of file transfer standards that has Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem, and Zmodem. Regardless, the option you should probably select for file transfers across the internet is ZOC’s SCP implementation.

Features of ZOC

  • Secure SSH terminal emulator
  • SCP secure file copy
  • Numerous simultaneous sessions


  • Works on both Windows and Mac, giving admins more options to how they work
  • Features a full-fledged terminal and text editor
  • Keeps numerous file transfer protocols, creating it more flexible than KiTTY


  • Cannot run on Linux
  • Is a paid tool

4. SmarTTY

SmarTTY v3.0 is free and operates on Windows. This SSH-based terminal emulator even includes the secure SCP file transfer system.


A lot of KiTTY alternatives employ tabs to permit you to access different sessions in the exact panel of the interface. Regardless, SmarTTY has an impressive design.

Rather than arraying the tabs along the lid of the display panel, this tool’s designers placed the tab space along the left side and the bottom edge of the screen.

An index panel to the left of the main terminal panel shows the directory structure of the computer in the presently displayed session.

Features of SmarTTY

  • SSH-based terminal emulator
  • Simultaneous numerous sessions
  • SCP secure file copy


  • Permits for extended functionality by emulating the SSH terminal
  • Presents numerous sessions help and quick tabs to go back and forth
  • Supports SCP file transfers


  • Runs on Windows only
  • Only supports one type of file transfer
  • Includes a higher learning curve than some of the other tools

5. WinSCP

WinSCP is a file transfer utility, noted for Windows. The utility is free to operate and it has been downloaded more than 113 million times to date.

SCP, which is the protocol that the tool is based on, doesn’t have any ability to issue commands on the remote device, so you would think that it would not be an extremely good basis for a PuTTY replacement.


This is a very famous tool and it offers more than just SCP. The tool also includes FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV implementations. Fortunately, for this review of KiTTY substitutes, the tool has a remote command facility. This is an SSH-protected remote access system.

Features of WinSCP

  • SCP and SFTP secure file transfers
  • SSH-protected remote commands
  • WebDAV


  • Has many more elements than PuTTY, as it is technically a file transfer utility 
  • Easy to guide user interface for those who don’t like a CLI as much
  • Features a remote command option for SSH


  • Operates only on Windows
  • Not as weightless as a command line-based tool
  • Fans of traditional PuTTY may locate the GUI to be slower than typing commands

Bottom Line

In the above article, we will give detailed information about the best KiTTY alternatives for SSH clients. You will try this alternative and let me know your experience in the comment section. So here I will conclude that PuTTY is the best alternative to KiTTY. If you like this article then recommend you to your family and friends.

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